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Yesterday I had my clutch cable break right at the barrel up at the lever. Given it was Memorial Day nowhere was open for business save for Wal*Mart. I bought a bicycle cable kit and some nuts and bolts and rigged this up to get me home, 40 miles away.

When I got home I decided to do this up RIGHT. Vespa scooters terminate cables in this manner, so I know it works for years on end. I used a dremel to flatten the bolt up by the head so I could drill a hole through it.. Then just use the top nut to tighten it down and the lock washer and 2nd nut to keep things from backing off. I might carry a Vespa clutch cable inner in my tool bag from this point forward because it'll replace either the front brake or the clutch cable lickity-split.

This way if you're on the road and your clutch cable snaps, you can use pretty much any bicycle cable with a barrel on one side, utilizing your factory cable housing.

I have my bike running on this cable until my new OEM one shows up.

A couple of photos from yesterday which involved driving through flood water and attempting mud roads.

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