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Your TW's engine output sounds normal.
The 15 tooth front sprocket's ~7.5% reduction of RPMs at speed has your TW running up against the wall of exponentially increasing air resistance and rolling friction when trying to ride above 50 mph. The additional tooth in rear adds another 2% of trouble and lazy acceleration.
Right when you want max power your engine is unfortunately running at rpm levels beyond it's peak HP and torque where dyne curves tend to fall off.
14x50 or 14x55 would be my recommendation for a more rewarding riding experience, just forget about freeway speeds with a 198cc low tech slow turning old school thumper.
With the stock motor I would typically still get a 50 mph fast cruise with 13x55 turning a slightly larger diameter ATV tire, not much different that the stock top speed but with a lot more authority accelerating on its way up to top speeds.
I always run one of my bikes with the 13x55 sprockets selected even though it has custom dual front and rear sprockets to really reduce the final drive ratio with 4 different possible combinations for Bonnieville speed runs.

I admittedly am an off-roader and very willing to spend a little extra time getting close to my destinations if it means I can actually arrive at my destinations without the struggles and uncertainties that tall gearing brings when things get technical.

If you really want more out of the TW configuration consider an engine swap. My other TW has a bored out TTR 6-speed engine with same 13x55 sprockets making it much more tractable with more power available over a wider speed range. Wider ratios of the TTR 6-speed makes first gear likely lower than most would prefer but I occasionally need the added low speed grunt to clear obstacles. In this case I might be happier going 10% back closer to stock sprockets.
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