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Added features

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Offroading in our RZRS and Rubicon we have all kinds of room for food, water, tools and equipment and misc stuff. But I have found taking everything on a TW is limited to storage space. And anybody who rides with me knows I and a BoyScout and I like to "be prepared"

Making use of the limited space....

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I hope you are better at using your 'tech-no' stuff than I am. Spent a couple on months getting my H.A.M license and still I struggle with my 2 meter. Qwerty is likely right, you and I together could indeed alter the universe......... Gerry

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very nice mrgizmo

gun mount are next

Thanks Demarko69, we seem to be 'birds of a feather'. I have become something of a "poser" as I have only rode the bike once this year. It went from way to wet to way to hot within a week. Guess if I don't ride, I will just have to mod more. Gerry
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