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adjusting banshee shock

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OK; I've looked and I can't find anything on this forum about how to adjust the banshee shock. Which knob does what? Since the spring is so light; should i adjust the preload ring all the way up? Do I need to do anything about over-travel?
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For all of my Spring mods, I as well used 'plastic' as a starting point when shimming the spring. Here are a few pictures giving you an idea of what I did to address the issues. The first spacers were made of ABS that I 'double walled', then something I cut out of an old cutting-board. Once I was sure of what I needed, I used some pipe I had to make a spacer with a broader base foot-print and had a machine shop turn it down to look more 'in scale' with my project. To protect against the dangerous "Coil Binding" I bought a couple of front end Urethane bushings from an auto parts store. Bored out the ID to match the shock rod OD then slit one side of the bushing as to allow me to open it enough to slip over the rod. I then wrapped a bit of wire around it to hold it in place. Clearly, none of this should be done by someone that is inclined to ride aggressively, not keeping in mind the potential limitations of their rear shock. I figure I am safe for one very hard landing, then I would likely need to inspect and or rewire the bushing. For me, that's ok because I am a slow trail rider and stay well within the 'limits' of my very comfortable suspension. Good luck, stay safe and Happy Holiday. Gerry

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Sorry Kwizard can't help you with that part. Think I gleaned some shock adjustment insight from a forum that had lots of Banshee users. I adjusted my shock to my liking over a weekend of riding and like so many things, let the memory fade into obscurity. Should you recapture that info. Some photos of knobs and dials with function captions may make a good post for others. That Banshee body is a nice foundation for the rear suspension on the TW. Good luck. Gerry
Thanks so much Richie... Can we assume that clockwise constricts valving slowing down movement in compression and rebound? It would seem that "pre-load" would be handled by compressing the spring by adding tension. Tightening the rings on the bottom of the shock body seems to be the only way of doing this. Is that what you meant, or will turning that knurled top knob on the center shaft do the same thing? Gerry
Thanks again Richie. I updated the pictures in my previous post to reflect your input. Gerry
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