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adjusting banshee shock

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OK; I've looked and I can't find anything on this forum about how to adjust the banshee shock. Which knob does what? Since the spring is so light; should i adjust the preload ring all the way up? Do I need to do anything about over-travel?
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Kwizard said:
Thanks Giz. Good info. Now; how about the pre-load, compression, and rebound adjustments? As you can tell; I've never had to deal with these. So tell me like your talking to a 6th grader.
i dont have one now but i have owned several banshees in the early nineties. the preload is the nut on the spring,the compression is the knob on the reservoir,the rebound is the knob at the bottom of the shock. hope this helps.
yeah, turning the knob on the reservoir clockwise will make the compression of the shock harder. the spanner nuts on the shock body that is against the spring will adjust preload on the spring for the amount of sag you want and will also affect ride height. the knob on the bottom of the shock at the mounting bolt will change how fast the shock will extend after it has been compressed. just turn it all the way one way and push the bike down and it will come up fast and all the way the other way it will come up very slowly. just adjust it to your liking.
o.k. i just saw on another thread that the banshee shock is mounted upside down on the tw so keep that in mind on what i said.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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