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Dubinky Well, Tombstone Butte, Secret Spire to Spring Canyon Overlook

On past Moab adventures, we've ridden to all of these places from Willow Springs except for Spring Canyon Overlook.
From our camp off Ruby Ranch Road, we took Blue Hills Rd over to Dubinky Well Rd. and made the obligatory stop at the historic Dubinky Well.
Sky Plant community Natural landscape Grass Landscape

Sky Wood Landscape Slope Asphalt

Grandpa acting like a kid :)
Rode past Tombstone Butte on the way to Secret Spire and Spring Canyon Overlook.
Sky Plant community Plant Bedrock Natural landscape

Secret Spire area
Sky Mountain Bedrock Slope Mountainous landforms

Spring Canyon Overlook is above the Green River and Hey Joe Canyon Trail. Weird to see the trail from above and not riding it. You can see the trail down below.
Sky Natural landscape Mountain Bedrock Terrain

Motorcycles on Hey Joe Canyon Trail down below
And what looks like an Arch overlooking the river. We ate lunch here with the great views.
Sky Mountain Natural landscape Bedrock Landscape

It was a good day to ride and spend time with grandma & grandpa
Sky Ecoregion Smile Wood Travel
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