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The TW is awesome for it. Yeah you are not going to ride interstate all day on it. But where is the adventure in that? It rides forest roads just as fast as anything all day long. And can haul stuff like a mule up into areas that get sketchy on anything bigger. I take way too much stuff moto camping, Multiple lanterns, speaker boxes, whole six pack of beer and bottle of whiskey, the list goes on. And have hauled such loads on the TW several hundred miles from home on multi day trips.
And with my 220 lb weight I'm probably going over Yamaha's max load limit regularly. And the TW just keeps on going.

Shoot you want lightweight adventure bike. Several years ago I loaded my 2009 Zuma 50 down with camping gear and rode mostly gravel roads from Sandy, OR to Christmas Valley, OR and back. Was like a 700 mile round trip. I can just about pick that scooter up.
Also ridden that scooter to the CA redwoods, and up along the coast into the Olympic peninsula in WA.

I love doing big bike stuff on tiny bikes. ;)
Rode a loaded CRF250L to the upper peninsula of Michigan and back in 2015, took a month. And had to weld bracing in the rear subframe to haul the gear. Camped every night except for a few when I wanted a shower.
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