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ADVMoto magazine

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Anyone read ADVMoto magazine? the Sept/Oct issue had an article titled " Molly's TW200 Trans-Lab Adventure - Living it up on the Trans-Lab" nice write up minus a couple of the authors veiled cheap shots at the TW as an adventure bike...

To quote him..."Yamaha TW 200's are small, underpowered, and not known for long range fuel capacity..." not untrue, but not needed in my opinion, with that aside I thought her adventure was worth a read if you get a chance. She had quite the ride and some good fortune along the way.

One thing that was noted in the article is that she had her fuel tank "modified" by a local welder looks to me in the pictures that the guy cut out the sides of the tank and welded larger ones in place, giving her an additional 1 gallon fuel capacity per the article.

I would reccomend if you get a chance to pick it up to do so....always nice to see a write up on "our" bikes.
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I haven't heard of this magazine either but I think I might go ahead and get a subscription. Looks like it would be a good read.
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