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Just got home about hour or so ago, and temp was showing only mid-80's, but the humidity.....DAYUM!! About take your breath away. Felt like mid-90' 11PM!!!
And THAT, my friend, is why I put up with California politics. It hit a high of 88 here today with a humidity of 16% at 4pm. At 10pm it's now down to 71 and humidity of 25%. Supposed to cool down to the 60's this weekend, then back up to the 80's next week. Life is fine in the spring and early summer here in sunny California.
BTW, here's a link to my weather station at the house;

Here's a time lapse of my weather cam;
That's me getting my truck ready for a camping trip with the TW200 running around in some of the frames. Also note the front hitch rack on the truck that will carry my TW. Life can be great sometimes!
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