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We are heading to the Alvord Desert to camp and fly powered parachutes on Aug 27th - 31st. We will camp on the lake bed, fly powered parachutes in the early am and evening and ride during the day, even has the Alvord Hot Spring to soak in after the days ride :thumb . Should be quite a few PPC's (powered parachutes) showing up. Should be a blast! If you've never been to the Alvord desert you should come and check it out, breathtaking scenery and awesome riding!! Lot's of stuff to explore around the Alvord, abandoned mines, cabins, hot springs, abandoned buildings etc, etc. You can see pictures of the Alvord Desert in my ride report here (page 4): CLICK HERE

Here's a link to our last PPC/Bike event in Fort Rock OR. Fun Stuff!! CLICK HERE

Hope to see you there, we'll be camping on the edge of the lake bed, just down from the hot springs. We'll have a trailer for the PPC and a couple minibikes/dirt bikes parked next to the motorhome. We'll have several TW200's there! Come camp and join the fun!! :thumb

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