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An evening ride

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last June a buddy and I went for a cruise about town - he on his Suzuki s40 and me on my TW. This morning on the edge of winter - it is fun to look back and remember!

the picture is the two bikes at the end of the road to the north of Iqaluit

Strange stable mates but the joy of riding makes it worth while

Buildings in the background are the radar system that is used to guide commercial aircraft into our tiny city
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Funny where the mind goes lol. By an oddly convoluted path the "pavement" depicted in your pic reminded me of my favorite place in central Baja, of all places. Smooth, chocolate colored stones naturally pave the area, weaving their way between literally thousands of natural cactus gardens, each so perfect that they appear to have been intentionally assembled.

Nice, warming thoughts on a frosty morning here in the dez.
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