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*** If anyone on a dirtbike forum cares....

I am a HUGE George Orwell fan as I have mentioned on numerous occasions. Everyone know the two biggies, but another I tremendously enjoyed was "Down & Out in Paris and London". Lesser known, but a great read.

A few years ago, anticipating a long car ride out to a pheasant hunt, half way across the state of South Dakota, with my brother- and father in law, I went searching the shelves of Barnes & Nobles for something to envelope myself in for the upcoming car ride. Looking around and around, I am always pulled back to the Orwell section, thinking that there will be something new there that I previously overlooked; or rather, that was recently released. :rolleyes:

Nope. He's dead.

On that particular visit, I for some reason or another (I think it was because at the time the whole Ebola thing was going on and people were talking about "The Stand"), but I found myself in front of a bunch of Stephen King. Of which, I really am not a fan at all (not sure if I have enough fingers to count how many King books I got a few hundred pages into and then just put down back in high school).

Mentally judging the sheer size and heft of "The Stand" pretty much nailed that coffin shut. Um, no. I needed something light and fast. Being it was on my lunch hour, I had to make a decision, and fast. For some reason, I grabbed "The Shining".

Having seen the movie, bits here and there, both the original and the remake with the guy from "Wings", I pretty much knew the story. What I wasn't aware of, was a decent back story (and later found out about the controversy between the novelist's take and director's take) that was absent from the Kubrick film.

It was good and I liked it.

A few days ago, my lovely and thoughtful wife brings me home a copy of "the sequel", "Doctor Sleep".

Yeah, sure. Just what I want to do...commit myself to another King novel, supposedly a sequel, that I am sure will just be...well, I don't know, but I'm sure it will be lame.

It sat there. And sat there.

Two days go by and I pick it up. Read the first two chapters (actually the first couple, and many more for that matter, were only a few paragraphs long) and that was about it. Mehhh. The next day, a bit more.

Was snowed in yesterday and for some reason or another, burned through 350 pages! Just finished about an hour ago.

"The Shining"? No. But it was pretty darn good. And I was forced to think about meandering RV groups on several occasions (I myself have logged many a night in RV parks).

A decent sequel, if you will, about what happened to Danny Torrance after the Overlook, and it's (his)...demons.

Give it a tumble. It's not too bad.


Edit - London, not France
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