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I wrote this up on another forum but thought I would share here too. It was a well needed ride.........enjoy :)

Girlfriend was itching to go somewhere. She broke her leg last spring so we havent been able to ride much. Put the ugly sundowner on, tried to cover it up with some sheepskin............and off we went on a 500 mile 2 day mini vaca.

She picked a riverboat dinner cruise on the Savannah river in of course..................Savannah :)

Can just make out my new contour action cam, I wont bore you with all the exciting film I took :)

Not a whole lot of sporty pics but we made it to our motel, The Thunderbird Inn. Its a 50s retro motel with decor to match. There is only one covered parking spot and I got it :)

First order of business...............drinks :) Went to the Distillery, think they had like 50 beers on tap. Girlfriend told the barkeep to give her something to knock her socks off. Cant remember what it was (not Sam Adams) but it poured only slightly quicker than honey.

I wanted to try something different so he gave me Meed :) Yup, it was different :)

After several different beers we started to smile a lot. She made this pic in black and white cause I look silly with sunburnt cheeks from riding and snow white forehead from the helmet.

Dont know why we didnt get a pic of the boat we were on but as we left I got one of its sister ship, its about 2/3s the size of the one we were on.

And then this dude came by.

She of course had to do the Titanic scene, cept she had a pole in her face :)

After a good dinner and 1 or 5 more drinks time for a sunset shot.

After the cruise we started our way back to the motel. Of course we had to stop at every bar in every dark alleyway

And steep dangerous stairway which became challanging after 2 or 6 more drinks.

We quit taking pics at some point during the night but did make it safely back to the motel. I think we walked about 12 miles that night.

The next morning we only had one thing left to do. I started on this charity ride thing called the Grand Tour of Georgia. You visit 20 static train displays in GA, we finally got our first, 19 to go :)

And yes................My girlfriend is Tina Turner :)

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Very nice couple of day's spent together. I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us. Ride safe.


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Nice but I prefer the Rebel flag Bikini.

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after all those drinks, and scary staircase... what a shame you'd have to fall into each other's arms. ;)
thanks for sharing

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Did that Inn come with a bottle of Tunderbird on the pillow? :eek: Guess not, as you went out for a ? in a Sammy glass...

Always wanted to visit Georgia. My father's family came from near Dahlonega, GA to California in the late 1800's. Lot's of his line back there. Sir name took Miss Georgia this year. I hear it is a beautiful state, as is Betty!

Enjoyed the peek.
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