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Another Front Drum Brake Question

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I searched and read all the threads I could find.

I have a brand new cable and brand new pads on my front drum brake. I just got it back from the shop today ( they put new rear tire tube on as well as did the front brake).

It has to be fully adjusted tight to get any kind of braking power and even then, it's iffy.

I put bike on my big Coca-Cola plastic crate/ bike stand and I can do the spin and listen thing and cant get them to go shhh-shhh-shhh sound. Does it sound like they mucked up ? or should I pop the drum off and check the inner drum surface?
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I moved the arm a bit and it satisfactorily stops now. I did the QWERTY shh-shhh-shhh thing and after riding around the back neighborhood culdesacs that have no houses built yet I brought it back and checked again. Very slight "sh"

YAY for the forums, they came back through again !!

Thanks fellas !

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Oh, this is the first riding I've done on my TDub in a while and even though it was just around the culdesacs and in the open field where there would be houses if any houses were built I keep asking myself if I should sell my Shadow..
i had to move the arm also, good to know others did. i didn't say anything because i bought Tusk brake shoes for 9.99

Mine came from ebay. Tusk also and cheaper than stadium yamaha.
Quite a few meaning 100, 250 or more? It felt good yesterday, after the arm adjustment. Another 30 minutes I could have gotten it to where the lever adjustment was more than halfway out (it's just a tad over half way) and I could of moved the arm more, but it's such a pain in the rear to get that arm back on the splined shaft.

Oh, I hit 6k on the odometer too!!
Yea. Brand new shoes. Needle at "new" mark.

Was arm position. I could take it off an move it further, but it's such a pita to get it back on the splined shaft that I used the adjustment at the lever to get the "shh shh shh" sound qwerty talks about
Will do.

Qwerty. Was doing normal braking from 30mph or less
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