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Another Moab trip!

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I'm going down to Moab this Sunday for a week of camping and riding with a buddy and his XT225. (close enough)

Anybody else going to be in the vicinity next week?
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Just left there friday. Here were my favorites. White rim trail was nice. It took us about 9hours "taking our time" from the gas station at 191&313. 129miles from the gas station back to the gas station and thats the closest station. Beautiful. My favorite was the Koppelli trail/onion creek loop. Take 128 N to dewey bridge follow that trail to the "top of the world trail" 5miles of technical rock to the top. The best view in the Moab area in my opinion "unreal". Then back to the kopelli trail which is kinda ruff in spots then down rose garden hill which is nasty and and we had to walkem down a bit. Onion creek is the most beautiful road ive ever been on. The colors and color changes are out of this world!!! Easy road/trail but its a must see. Castle creek off of 128 to lasal mountain loop is worth the ride. All pavement but a beautiful ride through the mountains. It looks like your in Colorado. We hit a few side trails that were covered in snow and white aspen tree's but it was fun. Hells revenge was really fun to ride on. We also hit chickens corner. It was ok but not worth 27miles each way in my opinion especially after doing these other rides first. Although kane creek was a beauty of a road. Food, the blue pig had good BBQ and the outdoor gear shop lets you fill up camel backs for free. Good luck and have fun.
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Onion creek would be perfect for that! I would take it back until it makes a big Y at the end of the long field. Lasal mtn loop would be great also but its a bit longer. Kane creek is also a nice pretty and easy drive.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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