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Another new member

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Hey all I just wanted to say hi as I may have a few questions about the TW. I have been riding for 30+ years and mostly ride trails / dual sport stuff but just picked up a 95 TW for my wife. I bought her a TTR 125 2 months ago not thinking she would take to it but she learned pretty quick and now loves riding. It is too small for her but it was bought with the intent on teaching her how to ride. I have always liked the look and idea of the TW so started looking around and found what I thought was a pretty good deal on a 95 "ranch bike" with only 1890 miles. It started right up and rode pretty good but wasn't pretty to look at. I bought the bike and started the shopping spree to get it sorted out. I tore into it and ended up replacing wheel bearings, front and rear brake pads, chain / sprockets, took the carb apart just because and cleaned it up, stripped the rattle can black paint off the tank and blue plastics, mounted up SM front fender, recovered the seat and am now waiting on new bars. I must say it cleaned up well. I am planning a more extensive tear down once back from a planned trip we have at the end of the year. Here are a few pics.

As it looked when I brought it home.

Cleaning and sorting...

Easy off on the plastics...

I did find a set of white plastics on here already so the blue is on a shelf.

I just rattle can sprayed the tank white for now. Not sure which direction to go with it yet. Here it is nearly done.

Theres an annoying vibrating rattle at ~ 2000 RPM's I cant pin point. It sounds like its coming form the exhaust somewhere. I ordered up a few exhaust gaskets to see if that sorts it out. I still have some carb tuning to do but its up and running and looks way better.

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hey jeff,

the new plastic look really good, you've done a great job. enjoy that baby!

by the way, if you put a bigger tank on it, i have matching the pre-trimmed side panels for you.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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