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Hi. :D

Anyway, working on buying xdac's TW currently and will be needing a 2nd one ('01 and up) for some two person adventure rides. The wife wants to do it so who am I to argue? I introduced her to adv rides with our Ural Gear Up,
see some reports here and here, and she's pretty hyped to ride a bike herself. Figure for redundancy we'll have largely similar bikes, plus I've always wanted a TW. We live at pretty altitude (~7500') so both motors will be stroked and bored. Generally, as we've found with the Ural, slow paced long rides are fine, but there are just some times you can't avoid being on the highway with hills and headwinds. Its nice to have a little buffer (which the Ural does *not* have).

Anyway, that's it. Look forward to participating here quite a bit, and thanks for all the information I've already picked up from here. Its very helpful.
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