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Another noob

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I've been signed up for a while soaking up info and thought it was time to come out of hiding. I'm 62 and retired. I've had bikes continuously since I was 13 when I rode a Harley Hummer on my 8 mile paper route for two years here in Michigan, rain, snow, or shine. I've rode lots of dirt, ice raced, and logged plenty of road miles. I built a log cabin in northern Michigan from scratch (i.e... trees) in 1979 and now that I'm retired I spend most all of my summers there. It's too secluded to get at in the winter but that's cool. It's perfect TW territory.

The only bike I've got right now is a road bike and I've been looking for a good used T-dub but I keep missing the good ones and I got tired of waiting so I struck a good deal on a 2011 a couple of months ago. Less than I’ve seen some ‘09’s advertised for, but it came with a little hitch. The dealer had to order one but said it would only take about a week to get one. He called and said that apparently Yamaha only shipped a few 11’s to the US then slowed production for some reason so he couldn’t get one til April. I can wait but reading this forum has got me anxious. At least he honored the original deal.

I’m still looking for a good used TW for my wife and grandson to share. Wife is a seasoned rider but the 16 year old grandson needs to learn some on and off road tricks from grandpa.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. You’ve got a great group here.


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Welcome, your almost a Tdub'er. I had to wait like that for a Harley I ordered back in 94. Ordered in May and was suppose to get it the following January or so. Ended up getting one in September of that year.

The wait almost killed me, so I know what you are going through. Your cabin sounds like a real neat place. Hope to see you posting some photo's of your cabin and riding when you get the TW.

Till then, good luck.
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