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Wrenched on Nibbler first to find and fix a sparking loose connection by CDI, then went for what was to be a quick test hop on Betty Boop.
Turned into a few hours of fun just cruising around.
Enjoyed patches of snow where the sun don't shine much.
Plant Snow Sky Tree Slope

Snow Light Automotive tire Tree Motor vehicle

A frosty swimming hole. Air temps are in upper 30's, didn't dip toes in to test water temps.
Snow World Automotive tire Plant Automotive lighting

Then some sunny singletrack through rolling sagebrush hills
Sky Plant Plant community Mountain Tree

Sky Plant community Plant Ecoregion Cloud

No one else out there since the snow, just me following coyote tracks.
Sky Snow Slope Freezing Tree

Miles of fun, some of the trails I like to share with guests...most recently SkiPro and Oldworld when it was 40, 50 degrees warmer.
Sky Mountain Highland Slope Snow

Early season light snows melt out quickly making for interesting rides and imagery.
Snow Plant Light World Tree

Cougar apparently rolled through shortly after last night's snow. Lots of bobcat and bunny rabbit tracks closer to home.
Nature Branch Body of water Natural landscape Freezing

'twas a relaxing ride leaving late enough for some snow to melt so no issues. Didn't want to get trapped on wrong side of thawing mud where consistency changes from a morning's frozen firmness to an afternoon's sticky gumbo.
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Sky Vehicle

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Sure felt colder than game camera recorded once sun dipped below horizon. Heading home for hot chocolate.
Wheel Tire Sky Plant Vehicle

Poor deer and other critters don't get hot chocolate, this guy is welcome to the last of my apple leaves though.
Sky Deer Plant Tree Natural landscape

Sky Elk Tree Deer Natural landscape

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Hey MountainMan, greetings from the eastern Sierras where we occasionally have a 12 month long riding season.
AC/DC was the E-ticket back when I was caught up in the Rat Race. Now I'm more of a mellow country bumpkin with eclectic music and riding tastes. Sometimes with a little reggae, world or western flavor, usually something gentle to match my riding style...I'm an decrepit old man after all. :giggle:
Here is a nearby winter time riding area that is often snowless if you like seemingly endless intermediate singletrack.

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Thanks folks. Living out west isn't perfect.
We do have our shotgun armed sagebrush rebellion types, think this Forest Service sign I came across other day's ride must have said "NO something or other" before it was edited.:)
Plant Leaf People in nature Gesture Wood

Plus I get all sorts of visitors who apparently can't read my signs.
The hunters...
Flash photography Natural landscape Felidae Landscape Font

...and the hunted.
Sky Deer Plant Tree Cloud

They come in all sizes, and all are hungry
Plant Sky Tree Mountain Natural landscape

Bird Beak Terrestrial animal Stock dove Feather

Guess my bears can't read.
White Black Black-and-white Style Terrestrial animal
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