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Another rear swing stretch

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Finally there was a little time available and the rear swing of my TW was stretched by 3 inches

in about the same way as villageidiot has done it, he explained that perfectly on the old forum post

The brake rod was cut and a 6 mm round piece was added by welding.

The front sprocket was worn,

so I changed the set from 14/45 to 15/47, as I needed a longer chain anyway.

The TW was sold here with the 14/45 sprockets as standard and only these sprockets are available here.

The last time the sprockets and chain where changed, August 2008, it was done in a repair shop and the only chain that was available was a heavy duty industrial chain, no “o” ring.

Today after about 34000km with this set the front sprocket is worn, the rear sprocket can do another

20 000 km. The chain has some slack at every link.

Last year I bought the 15/47 sprockets from Sebastian in Germany and last month, locally, an industrial ½” chain 08B with a length of 5 meter, paid about $50 for the chain. That is enough for three lengths of chain for the TW, or about 100 000 km of riding.

It is not my intention to start a new chain and sprocket discussion, just reporting the facts.

To change the front sprocket, the crankcase cover on the left side had to be removed.

But the shift lever was welded on its axle, all the new parts to fix that, arrived here some time ago.

So the right side crankcase had to be removed as well, to change the shift axle.

The clutch housing had to be removed, therefore I made a clutch holder tool, to loosen the nut in the middle with a 24 mm socket wrench.

Between the two pieces of flat iron it is 88 mm, I made this from something else, the flat iron on the right was just there and not needed for this purpose.

This is how it looks without the clutch

The part with the red dot is the shift axle and had to be changed.

After putting everything back together I took the TW for a ride.

Somehow with those 3 extra inches in the back it feels bigger, in a good way.

The 15/47 sprockets brings the rpm down to about 6000 rpm at 80 km/h , with still enough power.

With a strong head wind it could be lacking some power.

Next time that I will have some spare time, I will do the TTR 230 piston and cylinder change.

So far it looks like a good modification.

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Keep the old front sprocket.

It'll make a good throwing star.

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