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another tw another stipped drain plug

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So the drain plug is stripped and rounded off! Tried the JB weld and socket trick..let it cure for 8 hours didn't hold. Any other suggestions? Seen a few old threads for a hammer and chisel, any done this and could expand upon where to hit it at to get it to turn?


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If you use the hammer and chisel approach, make sure you are striking the chisel at an angle in the loosening direction around the largest diameter area possible and do not contact the engine casing and damage the mating surface. There is lots of material there to work with so you should be ok. Take a file and make an engagement point to work the punch against if you can't get a good bite in the plug with the punch alone. Use an all steel punch, no wood handle and a framing hammer or one of relatively similar size to carry the impact to the plug. Once you get it out, trash the plug.

Good luck!
so hit it at an angle just outside of the stripped part? In the flat part right?
ok went to sears at lunch then home with a new chisel set...tapped it a few times straight on the side next to the head to create a divet..then gave it some love taps at an angle and it was free in a matter of minutes. New plug is on its way from lytle racing..

this has been in the making from when I purchased the tw new in 2009. The plug head is just so soft and it just got warn over time..was a real bummer and had me sweating bullets there for a couple of days.

But...Man 1 - drain plug 0....victory!
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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