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With two kiddos in the house, one mini bike was only going to last so long...and this is what followed me home over Thanksgiving.

It's an '86 model, first year they were made and...well, it's a BIG WHEEL!

Not the prettiest thing in the world, but way nicer than my TW as delivered. Been working on it the last couple weeks and just had to share. The TTR90 kicked its butt in the power dept. when I brought it home, but with some Boyesen reeds and a reworked intake & exhaust, it's cool as all get out. Simple mods made power at least equivalent with the TTR, but 14/48 sprockets made it a wheelie machine!

Anyone else have one of these little monsters?

Crappy cell phone pics for now, but I didn't feel like waiting for daylight...


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Now thats a cool little bike! Your kids must have gone crazy when you unloaded that in the driveway. I remember the day i bought our girls a ZR50. One took to it right away and the other resisted it for years, but they both did many miles of logging roads on it. I think its great for kids to learn to ride and also learn responsiblity for their actions, like speed = hurt, breaking the rules = grounded! Both girls are grown now but still have trail bikes and we all get together for rides when we can. Hope that little bike brings as much joy to your family as the ZR50 had to ours.
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