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Any must do engine mods?

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Its a 91 TW and something let go in the motor. Havnt taken it apart yet but its a big clacky thumping vibration sound and feeling. The bike is a total beater so i dont want to get too crazy and put too much money into it.

Are there any mod you guys would definitely recommend doing? Would prefer functional mods not a shiny valve cover. Maybe replace certain bearings or are there any cool mods to help oil the engine parts better? Bike runs but the lighting coil in the stator broke. Can you mod the newer generation and is it worth it?

I think at the time the speedo broke off the bike had 3000 miles.

Also is there any digital service manual in existence for the TW that is not blurrier than a dust storm blurry? I remember buying one online years ago and it was blurry. The one this site generously offers is the same. Maybe for the good of everyone i could buy the service manual book and scan the pages one night. Make a service manual with pictures you can actually see? I like pictures over deciphering the words.

Thanks for any advice!!!
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i just got one and i found the full FSM online do some googling if you cant find it i will email it to you
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