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I am in the market for a TW200. I think I will buy one that has low miles and an electric starter. 2006 or 2007? I would like to have the bike customized for me. Does anyone know of a garage or better yet a person in the Portland area who would be up for doing the job for a reasonable price and working with me on a custom build once I get the motorcycle?

I am open to suggestions on the best model year to get. Ideally, it would be nice to have a kick start AND an electric start. That way, if I get stuck without enough juice, I can still start it even if I'm not on a hill. I want to keep it dual sport but to strip it down and make it cool for in town riding. I don't like the look of stock TW200 bikes at all. I really do like the look of so many Japanese TW200 bikes on Youtube. The custom build diary on this site is cool. I want to keep my seat at the original hight and keep the tailpipe up high enough to cross little streams in the woods. Otherwise, I would like to customize the bike and change the look. I will not be taking this bike on really hardcore off road excursions. Just fireroads and remote areas. Maybe sneak around a gate or two once in a while in the forests where I can get some peace and quiet away from the madding crowd. I live in Portland and it's so crowded. I crave the silence of the woods that this bike can take me to, and also the great commuter gas mileage of this little gem of a motorcycle.
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