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I don't KNOW for sure, but I'm pretty sure the fuel hose is 7mm. I doubt anyone actually uses 7mm because the only REAL 7mm hose I've ever found that is worth a crap is this stuff out of Germany: IAP Performance AC133107 Fuel Hose (7.0 x 2.5mm; 1 Meter; Made in Germany for VW Beetle) : Automotive

It is great hose and will last a lifetime. Most folks like a clear hose so they can see fuel flow and know if that is a problem when their bike doesn't start. But I found this stuff and use it on my TW200, including an in-line fuel filter, with great success.

For vents I use this stuff: : Hipa (4 Size 4-Feet-Long Fuel Line Hose Tube I.D. x O.D. 3/32" x 3/16" 1/8" x 3/16" 1/8" x 1/4" .080" x .140" for Poulan Craftman Chainsaw String Trimmer Blower : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Then I just use the size that best fits.

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Believe both I.D. at 6mm plus or minus a few frog hairs.
Just mic'ed shaft diameters of barbed fittings of both fuel petcock and OEM carb inlet, did not mic the vent but believe all three require tubing that can be clamped onto our 6mm shafts equipped with barbs.
Didn't measure my non-stock tube O.D. but like a medium wall thickness, thin enough to bend , plus stretch over barb, yet thick enough not to kink and cut off flow in a tight radius.
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