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I bought one from a guy in Prescott a few months ago thinking this would be the ideal trail bike......before I bought my TW. I found out that a full figured rider is not going to be too happy with the horsepower available from a CT90. This one is essentially unmolested, rust free, and mostly original. I have a copy of the original Arizona title and registration that indicates the bike spent it's life in California and Arizona.

This one is a 1970 with 5720 miles. I replaced the battery with a pair of 6V 4.5 amp batteries in parallel. This is one mod that the CT guys highly recommend to solve a weak electrical system. It starts on the first or second kick from cold. It comes with a new Battery Tender to keep the batteries up to snuff.

Other than the Battery Tender wireing it's stock.....has a new seat cover and new tires, title in hand. I paid $1000 and will sell it for the same. $1000 is a pretty good price for one in this condition. I'm in Kingman, Arizona.

PM me if interested.

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