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Anyone interested in riding Carnegie on 9/9?

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Anyone in the bay area interested in riding at Carnegie OHV park tomrrow Sunday September 9th? Planning on heading out there for some trail riding to see how the new tank (change in weight balance) effects the bike.

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Planning on leaving walnut creek around 8, so should be there by 9am. If you want to meet, after you go through the entrance make a right and drive out to the picnic tables and shelters. Look for a lifted 4runner with a snorkel.


I know you guys are in Cali and everything, but dang.

speedometer? my 4runner runs on meth injection though. methanol that is.

Joe, i'll bring the speedometer in case i run into you.
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Any ride report or pictures?
I think I have a short video of one of the trails Francisco? Haven't downloaded it yet. Did a few loops with Joe. Before he got there I ran up "brewers" and discovered it was really torn up. It is a single track trail on an exposed hillside that is now mostly whoops, spaced just less than the length of a TW and about approx 18" high. Camera was not on and I was standing up and muscling the bike too much to reach the record button.

1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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