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I can't remember whether I saw it here or on the ADV site, but the bike had a white frame and plastics and a single Cibie or Hella headlight. Ring any bells? I believe it was up for sale last time I saw it.

Want to show the color scheme to Purple. One of the sharpest TW's I've seen, but it was at least a couple of years ago.

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One of the top 5 T-Dubs I've seen.

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Thanks, guys. That's the one. I coulda sworn it had a white frame. Prolly be a nuisance, but it would look good for awhile. lol

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that is one amazing tw200!

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One great looking bike in it's simplicity!!

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Ceramic coated FMF apparently:

HUGE Maxxis LongHorn 9/26 Rear ATV Tire

HUGE Maxxis 70S 140/80 Front Tire

Moose Tubes with Slime

New Bar Risers

1 1/8” bar clamps

Trail Tech X 1 1/8” Black Fat Bars

Fork Seal Savers

Factory Front Axel Spacer

Trail Tech computer w/ Billet Aluminum Guard

(RPM/Oil Temp/Air Temp/Speed/Time/More)

Custom Mounted Hella 100w Light System

Billet Bullet Rear Signals

Ceramic Coated FMF pipe and Muffler

Custom Recessed rear taillight

Rear Sprocket

RK MXZ Gold Chain

All Black Seat Cover

Custom Tank Paint

Custom Graphics (Vinyl Decals, Easily removed)

Smog Pulled

Carb Rejetted

Air Box Opened

Folding Aluminum Shift Lever

Gripper Foot Pegs

Brush Guards

Factory XT Skid Plate

Harness Rewired

Wired for Garmin GPS

Iridium Plug

Pulse Fire System

Custom Toggle Switches

Custom Rear foot peg setup

Dual Star Mirrors

Custom Fabricated Mount - Raised Front Fender!!-tw200

A good picture of it here, back in the old ADV Mule thread:
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