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Are one of you losers broke down near Madalena, N.M.

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Last night we hit a State patrol road block near Qhemado, N.M.

One of the troopers said a guy from Texas on a TW had broken down somewhere between Quemado and Magdalena within the last couple of days with a broken chain and possible case damage. He didn't think the guy was able to get towed out of there, and was wondering what had happened to him.

Anyway, was it one of yoose?
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If i was stranded and a guy on a weird green bike over 4 ft wide carrying everything but the kitchen sink,and with as good looking as you are, i probably would of started to run the other direction

Mw s-o-oooo pritty.

Youn oughta see if that sorry wreck of yours can make it to Camp Verde, so you can gaze upon me. No charge.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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