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are the 87's geared lower than the rest

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i had a 04 last year and traded it in regretfully. just today i picked up an 87 with 1600 miles. this thing starts running out of gear at 45 with the stock 14/50 sprockets. are the internals the same? i remember going 60 in the 2004 without it being to wrung out.

glad to be back though!

thanks, glass
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i have had 87's and they do 60 without any trouble. Even with a 55t rear.

if you are running out of gear, try shifting into 5th

yup, I do 60 with 54T rear on my 87...It's just barely enough for short urban freeway blasts in the slow lane...65-70 for short burst..60 cruise likes 45mph around town on city streets
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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