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I did a couple of things to the old girl yesterday. Including installing the diode kit for the turn indicator.
I looked at the wiring diagram. Noted wire colors for left and right. Had the diode kit prepped with connectors
applied. I was all set to go. Started with pulling out the resistors I had installed. The diode kit just seemed to me a better option.
So I got it back together the way it was from the factory. Then I identified the 'chocolate' and the 'dark green' wires I needed to cut. Snipped the 'chocolate' wire first. Then, tried the signals to see if they worked properly or were still all flashing at once. There was no change in operation. "Well what the hell?" "Wait! Didn't I leave it in neutral?" Turns out when they say "chocolate" They mean dark chocolate not milk chocolate. DOH! chocolat.jpg
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