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I know there are threads on this subject somewhere in here but here goes. I bought another one for my 09. The one I replaced with didn't work from the getgo and as I ordered it from batterymart on the web, a turn in is the pits. So I picked up another one at the local battery shop, now to put in.

Also I have an Polaris Ace, same thing. The original didn't last much over a year so I replaced it with what was supposed to be a better one. It wouldn't keep a charge for very long as it would sit for a while. "I know, should put a tender on it". I just put in a Harley Davidson battery in it. Holds about 4times the power and should last.

I picked up a 700 honda pioneer sxs. It too has a small battery. I put a 3500lb winch up front and then put a car battery in it for the extra cranking power. There is a couple members just in front of the left rear tire behind the plastic fender that it fit in really well. I wired it direct to the winch solenoid. I will tie it into the main battery in parallel so it will get a charged'.

Just seems that every year it is battery time.
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