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Battery options?

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well i have 90 tw 200, my battery is due for replacement and i was thinking of different battery options and was wondering what people have tried? id prefer not to go stock lead acid with plugs, heard about people who used other types, i also thought of possibly things like 2 rechargeable 6v lantern batteries, or making a Frankenstein out of other rechargeable batteries. Would those have discharge characteristics too slow for the bike? Especially cranking or the alternator overcharging? If you know of other forum support for it, please let me know, id like to pack as much power as possible in there without being ridiculously expensive.

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I bought a battery from, a really great company. They are in Oregon and have all kinds of info and tutorials that are helpful. They are into all kinds of batteries and solar equipment.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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