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Best Place to buy 1987 CDU

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The best price I've found for a CDI for my 1987, part number 2JX-85540-M0-00, is at $227.84. I've never bought parts from them before so if anyone had a bad experience, let me know. I would also appreciate if you can direct me to a better price. I thought I remember a post where the cost was around $206. Hope this fixes the problem as it is the only part not replaced at this point. Thanks for any input.
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It does sound like the cdi is the issue... try heating it up with a heat gun until it is almost too hot to touch and then put it back in the bike and go for a spin. It probably won't fix it for long or maybe at all, but if it does you confirmed the problem.

There is a guy that showed up on the board talking about making new cdi units, but not sure where they are with the project.

If I were back in your shoes I would call this place in the czech republic, I think called ignitech or ignitek (will look it up) and have them build me one. Supposedly they can do just about anything.

Best of luck, and please don't give up on the poor bike too soon
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You can also switch over to the 88-97, 98-00, or 01-present setups if you get the stator and such as well as the cdi
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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