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I鈥檓 sure everyone has used or will use a work light. I can鈥檛 seem to find the holy grail of lights when it comes to:
Ease of use
Battery life

Etc Etc. You get my point 馃

Is there a consensus on what work light people had success with or a wish list of what work light you wish you had?

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There's been such a vast improvement in LED technology in the last few years and, what applications they all apply to. Just when you think you've procured the cats meow in terms of a great work light, there appears a better one the next day, in some form. I have a couple magnetic ones and, one or two plug-ins. But, at present, for the most part, I'm pretty much content with a basic LED head lamp. That way, I can concentrate on a specific spot with light directly one it, and still use both hands for the operation. I have a CAT LED work lamp that's a plug in and, it does produce a serious amount of light, sometimes TOO bright. But, it's primarily used when I'm gonna be on a project for a longer time frame and, the cord won't get into the way (not too much anyway).
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I have an old fashion one that you screw a light bulb into.
Use a LED bulb in it.
Given the number of times I've smushed or busted a work light,
For me, this has been the most pragmatic approach.

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In the middle of nowhere.
On a dark and gloomy night .
If the dub is stumbling .
Something's not quite right ..
It's time to quit grumbling .
I love my rechargeable light .
mike from NC

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Agree with the LED bulbs at least for rough service.
I use both a corded and a disposable battery powered work light as well as a LED headlamp in my dark cave of a garage.
However I'll sometimes borrow M'Lady's combo battery or 110V reading light on a flexible stand with magnifying glass.
Flexible gooseneck helps direct light where desired.
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Here here! LED is the way to go. I don't have a rechargeable yet but I'm gonna get one for the shop. If I can't find a magnetic hand leld battery type I'll Gerry rig one.

Folks have used LED baseball caps, battery powered headlamps, and corded trouble lights all with good success compared to the old time conventional incandescent lights. I still have the ancient rough service incandescent trouble light bulbs but they just don't cut it anymore compared to LED. I've begun to rob my wife's household supply of LED bulbs lately for my own use....

Does anyone know, do they make a rough service LED bulb?

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Harbor Freight sells a great portable work light that has a lithium battery. It can also be used as a battery pack to charge a cell phone or other USB powered device.
It is very bright on high, but also has a low and flashing red mode.
The price is high by HF standards, but mine has been excellent for several years.
It also is threaded for connecting to a standard camera tripod, which we do while camping and use it as a directional lantern about 4 feet high.

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Well, not exactly... There were different sizes and the one I looked at was $9. and I don't believe it was Braun.

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as This has ended up being the best bang for $ for me. Uses 18650 rechargable battery. The newer version has a charging port so you don't have to buy a fancy special charger.
It is the right kelvin temperature for less glare back from whatever your working on and the charge runs a very very long time even on high. It is very tough as well.
Fenix hl-55 is old one. HL-60 is the newest model.
Price has gone up since i got mine. First one i bought 10 years ago still works great, it's been thru hell, bounced down highway after falling off trailers, been run over, thrown, submerged in water, gasoline, used oil, antifreeze, anything i could accidently drop the damn thing in, it's been dropped in. High, medium and low settings with a temporary "turbo" mode.

And i don't have to worry about magnet mounts or suction cups. It's always pointing at what I'm looking at lol.
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