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Feel free to post what bikes you've owned over the years. Here are mine in order:

1980 Yamaha GT80 gt80.jpg When I was like 10 or 11 I could get this sucker up to 65. Down to 55 after I geared it down for trail riding.

1978 Kawasaki KE175 ke175.jpg Inherited from my cousin, rode for a couple years then too much wrong with it and wasn't worth fixing. Sold for $175 ironically.

1992 Yamaha Seca 2 600 Seca.jpg My first road bike. I loved it and still miss it. It loved to wheelie.

2001 Suzuki Katana 600 katana.jpg My first big NEW purchase. Was never that happy with it. Sold it after buying the next bike.

1987 Kawasaki ZL1000 Eliminator zl1000.jpg I *LOVED* this bike. I had to sell it my last winter selling cars so I could pay my mortgage. But I doubled my money on it after driving it 11,000 miles in 3 years.

1992 Yamaha 550 Maxim (won't let me upload image) I bought it for $199 not running. Was going to be a winter project but with my new job I didn't have time. Spent $500 at a shop to get it running in the spring. I meant it to be a flip after riding it a few hundred miles. Good investment because wife's car ended up running up a $1400 repair bill and I was able to sell the bike for $1000.

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Here are the bikes I've owned in the past 3 years, in order

1984 Honda XR500R
Paid $700 for it
Bike was almost completely restored, I miss this bike. Sold it because parts were too hard to find.

1984 Honda CR80
Guy I worked with happened to have it while I had the XR, and my girlfriend at the time wanted to ride, so I bought it for $100. Was a basket case, but ran, ended up giving it away.

2001 Honda CR250R
Bike was setup for cross country racing, I miss that bike to this day.

2000 Honda XR650R
Traded the CR for this bike, what a powerhouse. Favorite bike that I ever owned.

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1986 Suzuki LT230E
(Not a bike, I know)
Bought for $150 running, for my siblings to share. Bought a complete parts bike for $50, took the wheels and few parts off, sold for $60.

1999 Kawasaki KX250
Traded a pistol for it, needed too much work

2003 Suzuki DRZ125
Girlfriend wanted to
Ride, so traded the KX for it. This bike was a BLAST

2001 Suzuki DRZ400E
Plated and street legal
Liked it, had to sell when times got hard

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I bought this for my wife but she found it to big so she is sticking with her TW200.. I just can't part with the rest of my bikes including my own TW200

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Sorry no pics but I'll give it it a go.

Honda QA50 had it from 76-78

Honda MR50 had it in 78

1973 Ymahe 60 had it from 78-80

1978 Yamaha DT125 from 80-82

Late 70's LTD550 had it from 83-84

1980 YZ125 had it from 84-88

Yamaha YICS750 had it from 87-89

1983 Honda Ascot 500 had it from 90-92

1983 Honda V-65 Magna Had it from 92-98 I put 38k on it and never a problem

1999 Suzuki RM250 had it from 02-04

2002 Sportster 1200 Bought in June 2014

2001 TW200 Bought day after Thanksgiving 2014

I also bought a few to fix and flip but didn't count them.

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Again - no pics (we didn't have cameras back then) .......

CZ 175

Suzuki TS100

Suzuki T250

Suzuki B100

Yamaha RD200

Suzuki GT550K

MZ 250

Honda CB400N

Beta 50cc pit bike

Honda VT250

Benelli 250

Kawasaki GT550

Moto Guzzi G5

Honda ST50

Yamaha TW200

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I only have 1 pic of my bikes from my youth but here are the ones from after that from oldest to newest.

Late 60s early 70s something or nother :)

1975 XLH1000 sportster (sold)

1977 KZ650 (girlfriends but now mine)

1996 GN125 (sold, was girlfriends starter bike)

2006 TW

2008 XL883 sportster

2009 TW

2010 Buell XB12R (sold)

2011 XL1200X sportster


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1983 sporster
1974 sporster
1975 triumph trident
1976 cb 750
1966 triumph tr6
kawasaki 454 forget year
1976 kz 650
1976 honda cb 360
1983 yamaha venture
2000 triumph thunderbird sport one of my favorites
2004 victory tc
1996 triumph trophy
2005 victory kingpin
2013 tw200 my current favorite

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I don't remember. Pulled a minibike of a trash pile in 1963 to 2014 Ultra Classic Electra Glide, with probably 500 bikes in between, with as many as 70 in the garage at the same time. I'm down to 6, and about to buy a CSC Cyclone. Maybe.

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In this thread and others, the trend is, everyone loves their TW :)

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First bike 72 Honda xl125 ran the crap out of keeping up to my friends Yamaha dt250
77 Honda mr175 Elsinore broke it in half (only bike I bought that was brand new)
78 Yamaha ty250 loved that bike got stollen and trashed
87 Yamaha xt350 crashed it hard bending the front forks
82 Yamaha it175 also crashed and broke
Yamaha Pw50 for kids
74 Yamaha ty250
76 Yamaha ty175 daughter's learning bike
04 Honda xr400
82 Beta TR32 great bike
97 Scorpa easy
07 Yamaha xt225 sold to buy my son a jeep
09 Yamaha WR 250 r
10 Xingue xy400 broke the rear hub and chain went through the crank this December riding the Oregons Dunes (took us 4 hrs to walk out of the dunes in a rain/ sand storm in the dark)
01 Yamaha TW200 fun little go anywhere bike - more mods to come

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misc 002.jpg 073.jpg 009.JPG Picture or Video 001.jpg vp3989076_1_large.jpg
Just a few recent ones plus:
4 Harleys- 2 Road Kings, 1 Electra Glide, ! Sporty 1200C
3 Goldwings: 1 1979, 1 1997, 1 2001
1 Kawasaki 750
1Suzuki GS850
3 CT 90's and 2 CT 110's
3 Honda 250 Big Ruckus
1 Yamaha Vino
2 Yamaha 125 Zuma's
? number of 50cc mopeds
1 Burgman 650
1 Honda 1100 Aero
1 Honda VTX 1800
1 1964 Vespa 125cc
1 650 V-Strom
1 Honda ST 1100

I know I'm leaving out some.

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It started with a mini bike and a bet that I could have it if I can get it running when I was around 11 in 1963. I got it running until I wore it out and bought a Hodak Ace 90. Sorry no pictures because digital was many years in the future. Moved up to a Bultaco Matador, Kawasaki 350 enduro, Honda Elsinor, Kawasaki H2 750 in 1972 and a Norton Commando in 1974. Traded it for a car in 1975 because I had a full time job and career and live in a winter wonderland. No bikes again until around 1988 when I bought a Kawasaki Spectre I think. Almost crashed on that one at ridiculous speeds and gave up all road bikes knowing I had a built in death wish or inbred need for speed.

Just a couple years ago Bucknutz introduced me to the TW. I have had 5 since and mostly just enjoy buying, fixing and selling them because I still have that need for speed and doing crazy $hit but I don't heal near as good as I used to. I drive my TWs like granny going to church these days if I drive them at all. That's my story and I am sticking to it! The fastest bike I ever rode was my brothers Hyabusa and I have ridden Bucknutz Triumph and Honda sport bikes as well as a few big Harleys and Goldwings. Love them all but still have to face my own demons and stay off the roads because I am an AH with a throttle twist grip. My lights turn on at around 100 MPH and get brighter as I go faster.


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My first bike was a brand new left over Suzuki SP500 I bought immediately after completing the MSF class on a SP250. I shoulda bought a 250.
My next bike was a brand new left over Suzuki GS450L. I wanted a four but couldn't afford one. Sold both Suzukis.
After that I bought a 84 Moto Guzzi V65SP new in 1986.

In the 90's i had two bikes before taking a hiatus. An old BMW R75, I fixed up cosmetically, and a Kawasaki KLR600.
I came back to riding in 1999 with a Suzuki GSF600 Bandit.
I bought my first new bike in over 15 years in 2000, a BMW R1100R.

I added a 1987 BMW R65 a few years later.
Then in 2006 I sold the R65, bought a new leftover 2005 Ducati ST3, before selling the R1100R also.

I crashed in 2011 and the Ducati was totalled. After surgery and rehab. I replaced the Ducati (my fav. bike ever) with a pristine 2001 BMW R1150GS.

I still have the GS and just added a brand new leftover 2014 TW200. My first Yamaha!
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