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Blown up engine

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Hi guys!

I just red a post on the local dual sport enthusiasts forum about a girl who blown her TW engine last year. She went for a long trip, lots of highway riding, climbed the Mt Washington, and got back. About 60 miles from home her engine failed. She had to have the head rebuilt.

The reason all that happened is quite simple. She did not take the time to check oil level between oil changes. Sustained high rpm leads to faster oil evaporation. She discovered it the hard way.

So I thought it might be a good idea to pass the word. Guys, check your oil level before each ride! A couple ounces of oil worth nothing compared to the price of a head rebuilt.

Have a good day ;-)
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Oil consumption will be more pronounced when using Dino oil. Synthetics have a much higher tolerance to heat and do not break down as rapidly under extreme conditions.
Fortunately for us TW owners checking the oil is a simple step to insure there is enough. Driving long distances at high revs is always cause for concern with such small power plants and where you drive, average temperature range, should give more cause for concern. I am sure those out in the south west and in desert conditions experience greater oil consumption and require more frequent changes than those in cooler climates.

Like I always say, "Oil is cheap and engines are expensive".

I do wish some of the guys who have temp gauges or the Vaportech hooked up would post some of the temps they are recording in various conditions. When I first got my TW the temps here were hovering in the 90s and the heat coming off my engine after a good ride was very noticeable. Not nearly as hot now with the addition of the Lizrdbrth oil cooler and much lower out side temps. High temps are a killer and a lack of oil is deadly.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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