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BOLO Stolen TW

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Hi All,

Last night between 6 and 7pm EST someone (or more likely a few people) stole my bike. It was parked in front of my house on the street in DC. It isn't entirely uncommon for a bike to get stolen in DC, especially one as light as a TW and the usual MO is for a few guys to pull up with a van or truck, load it up and drive off. Anyway, unlike a scooter, there just aren't as many of these things floating around. I'm hoping that maybe someone will see it in the classifieds somewhere. I know, I know, not likely. Anyway, if you happen to come across this bike, please let me know. Pictures below.

General Info--it is a 2003, around 9600 miles on it. No aftermarket parts to speak of. It has a custom black paint job with a faint metallic green undertone that you would barely notice unless you were looking for it. There is an RnR sticker on the rear brake light and an American flag sticker above the kickstand. There is a Van's sticker on the right fork. If it shows up, I'd be grateful for a PM. Thanks!

Z Ride by DC Kevin in London

TW200 by DC Kevin in London, on Flickr

TW 200 by DC Kevin in London, on Flickr

TW200 by DC Kevin in London, on Flickr
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Thieves suck.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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