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Eric, I have had mine off, but for a different reason. If I remember correctly, you will be dealing with two 'major' issues. The first will be to seperate the ignition assembly from the triple-tree, the second is the wire disconnect (this I don't remember doing).

In removing the ignition/locking assembly, I would detach the handlebars just enough to get access to the center triple tree bolt. Undo this (short) bolt, then loosen the two clamp bolts that hold the top of the triple-tree to the right and left fork tubes. Once the triple-tree is loose, you can tip it in such a way as to access the countersunk phillips screws that hold the switch assembly. I "think" you will have to then follow and unplug the wires the come bundled from the ignition switch. You will likely find it a plus to remove the headlite & front cowling. Based on the parts of this project I had a chance to get involved in, this is what I feel you will need to do.

However, should you have a small rachet into which you can insert a phillips tip, you may be lucky enough to slowly rachet from the underside with the triple-tree still in place. My thought is, the wires should all be color-coded and matched, so once you find the individual termination points, disconnecting should be straight forward. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Gerry
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