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Borrego Springs Camp and Ride

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We are going to be camping at the Pegleg Smith Historical Marker on October 28,29,30,31. There are about 25 unmarked spots for RV's and the camping is free! I will be in a Raptor 5th wheel so you can find us. Any suggestions on good ride to take would be great. Russ if you come I will bring the cake for Purple!

Camp site.

Camp Rig

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I only gots one question:

She won't spend her birthday w/e with ME on the Mojave Road, but she's all over going to Borrego with YOU that weekend. You guys got sumpin' goin' on I should know about?

Looks like we'll be there with bells on.

Also looks like the junk sculptures in Galleta Meadows had a prolific mating season last year. Bunch more of them now:
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GIAG (Grass is Always Greener). We could spend a month or two in your neck of the woods, as well.

I love those "token" checks. If it makes you feel any better, the going rate is still a dollar a year.
Ok, so what's wrong with these pictures:

Is this A.) A TW, resting, B.) The aftermath of a near-fatal getoff, C.) Out-takes from the latest remake of "The Flying Nun" or D.) Just another Lizrdbrth TCI skidplate bragging pic?

Is TW A.)Sinking in quicksand, B.) Ronnydog's
, C.) proof that "I got 5 gallons of the good stuff, just haven't put it in yet?
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Correct answers:

First pic: "D", All of the above

Second pic: Either "B" or "C" are acceptable answers.

I gotta do some bragging on my wife here. Bad as it turned out, up to this point she displayed her finest riding to date in negotiating this rock pile. Then, for some inexplicable reason the bike made a full-throttle left turn off a rock, then launched off the trail. She let go of the bike just before it went over the side, then performed a perfect piledriver head first from maybe 10 feet or so above into the smaller boulders (beneath her bike in the pic). From our vantage point I was fairly certain I had become an instant widower. The getoff looked bad. Real bad.

Our new friend Don and I were watching from maybe 100 feet below. We scrambled up to her location, and she was not moving. I started taking inventory, not allowing her to move, insisting that she operate first fingers, toes, etc. Finally I asked her if she could move her head. A bit irritated by the question, she said "No!", and my heart sank.

What she meant was "No, Jerkweed!. I can't move my neck because my helmet is wedged between these two rocks! Are you blind? Quit playing paramedic and get me outta here, you idiot!"

Both the worst and the best moments of my life within seconds of one another. We extricated her helmeted noggin from its "wedgedness", she got up, walked it off for awhile and got on with life.

Her knee's gunna be a little jacked for awhile and major portions of her anatomy are presently the same hue as her bike ( which was spared once more by the grace of TCI) and the story had a happy ending courtesy of these fellers:

The other pic was me ripping on Ronnydog's misfortune just because I CAN.
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Same trail, going down. There were 3 of these staircases. The one where she did her Flying Nun act starts around 5:10 in the video. No shame in falling down on this trail.

As usual neither the pics nor the video give much perspective. Short wheelbase Jeeps turn around in disgust at the point where she wiped out.

Ronnydog and Jimbo made it up fine and Ronny's stretched swingarm seemed to be a great equalizer in this crud.
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The Bighorn was Ronnydog's. Was quite an eye-opener. I was laughing with him, not at him, cuz it's one of our biggest fears. The tires are so overkill that we hope/pray/take for granted that they're bulletproof. He thinks it was a tube pinch from airing down a bit too low in the rockpile. For whatever reason I decided to run 10 psi that day instead of my usual 6 or 7 or it might have happened to mine as well. He runs the original Bighorn, which is even stiffer than our Bighorn 2.0's.

Humbling, since Jimbo and Purple were on aired-down stockers. Purple's were at 10 as well, rocks and all.

He was able to get back to camp by stopping every few miles and adding air. Fortunately it happened on the highway on the eve of the last day.

If I ever get a GoPro I have a few ideas on how to get a more "you are there" perspective. We'll see. Hard to capture without a wide angle, and I don't think wanna risk munching an SLR for bike use.
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Aight, then. Design me an automatically self-leveling camera mount that's indestructible, weighs 1.5 ounces and can be built from 38 cents worth of Home Depot plumbing fittings
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I bet the bucket STILL contains 5 gallons, too.

We replaced her lid yesterday. Wasn't cracked, but it sheared off the face shield thingies for good.
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