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Borrego Springs Camp and Ride

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We are going to be camping at the Pegleg Smith Historical Marker on October 28,29,30,31. There are about 25 unmarked spots for RV's and the camping is free! I will be in a Raptor 5th wheel so you can find us. Any suggestions on good ride to take would be great. Russ if you come I will bring the cake for Purple!

Camp site.

Camp Rig

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I only gots one question:

She won't spend her birthday w/e with ME on the Mojave Road, but she's all over going to Borrego with YOU that weekend. You guys got sumpin' goin' on I should know about?

Duhhh, CAKE !!! And CHEESE CAKE !!!!!!!! Heck, I'd leave you hangin' too . . . !

1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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