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Bought new battery....screws didn't fit...easy fix

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I bought a new battery for my 2008 TW. Luckily, I didn't put the battery in the morning I was going riding.

The new battery is much smaller (so I used folded cardboard to secure it).

In addition to that small speed bump, The batter connection bracket wasn't threaded either for the screw that secured the positive and neg to the battery, so I just used some zip ties to secure them nice and tight.
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Brock, if you don't have a tap to thread the battery tabs, I would suggest you consider self tapping screws. Certainly zip-ties can work, but I suspect they will stretch with time/heat and compromise the connection. Zip-ties are a fine short term fix for lots of problems, but as well, a problem waiting to happen. If the self tapping or sheet metal screws meet with your approval, make sure to 'support' the battery terminal when threading them in. I would be inclined to hold the terminal ridgid in the vertical plane with an adjustable wrench clasping the terminal and positioned vertically. This I feel will minimize any chance that the terminal will pull/twist given the rotational force you apply while tightening the screw. Geezzz, save yourself lots of time and follow Lizrdbrth's advice. If you can't find the parts, or you are left by the vendor to solve your problem, go to the hardware store and purchase a nut and bolt if the battery tab has a hole. Fooling with a self tapping screw is just more work. Take care. Gerry
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