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Brake pads.

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I'm in the market for new pads front and rear for my 2001 and wouldn't mind a bit of an upgrade. Though the OEM pads have always worked well I wouldn't mind having an advantage when it comes to not smashing into the car that just made a right turn in front of me. Any links to a retailer you have had luck with would be greatly appreciated as well.
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Qwerty seems to like Vesrah parts in that thread and frowns upon EBC.

Fourcycle wrote "Getting rear brake pads can be a pain for the older models. There were several changes to the rear brakes throughout the years. The brake pads for my ’90 are no longer made by Yamaha, leaving only aftermarket. The PO of my TW had installed some Yamaha pads designed for a more recent TW and that was a big mistake. Even though the pads had plenty of life in them, the metal portion of the pads contacted the drum and wore a deep grove into the metal lining. It was trash and I had to buy a new drum and aftermarket pads. With a casual comparison, the two sets of pads looked like they would work and both fit just fine.

More changes have occurred to the TW over the years than people realize and many of them are not immediately noticeable. Refer to the Yamaha parts fiche to determine the correct part number for your model and then verify it with whatever you want to buy of eBay or the like. Especially with engine and running gear parts."

As far as where to buy parts see
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OEM parts are a good value. Pads run about $26 online. Rear shoe kit, with new springs, run about $12.

Vesrah sintered front pads run about $43 and do work better when wet. They also are more resistant to heat fade--important only when racing Harleys on Tail of the Dragon.

Vesrah rear shoes run about $20 and have no advantage over OEM. I won't buy them again. They aren't bad, but not worth the increased cost.

The first replacement pads and shoes I put on Tdub were EBC, and they sucked. I took them off after about 500 miles and threw them away.
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Sounds like OEM may be the way to go.
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