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Brake work

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Can anyone confirm the Yamaha part number for the rear drum? I believe it is 5V7-2511E-00-35, but am unsure based on the online parts diagrams. My 2003 looks like it has a groove too deep to be turned, and so will have to be replaced. Anything else I should change out or check while I am in there, besides shoes and springs? Should I be going with OEM parts for the rear brakes, or is their something aftermarket that is better?

Thanks for any tips you can give me.

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I've had a spare set of rear pads in a drawer for about 40,000 miles, but the originals still have about half their linings left. I've installed aftermarket (EBC) pads and shoes for others and most have gone back to OEM. Some of the aftermarkets don't seem to work very well.
According to my 2003 parts microfiche 5V7−2511E−00−35 Drum, Brake

According the 5V7-2511E-00-35 Drum, Brake

I suppose the part number for which you search is 5V7-2511E-00-35

Priced about $70 from the online discount sources.
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Nothing unusual for a low-mile drum to be badly scored, if it was parked with moisture in the drum. The drum rusts, then the rust is scrubbed off when the bike is returned to service. The rust that is scrubbed from the drum embeds in the linings of the shoes and grinds into the drum. The brake still seems to work well, though may pulse a bit as the more corroded part of the drum hits the high spots on the shoes.
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