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The family and I spend a lot of time camping in the summer to include camper, tent, Forest Service Rentals, which we implement riding of different types and modes, Mule, TW, 4 wheeler, P/U Truck.

Once a year one of our trips is to a Forest Service Rental (A-Frame, Cabin), with this years trip to Buck Park Cabin located WNW of Council, Idaho.

While researching Buck Park Cabin we read the below and thought a quick scout trip was in order. We were a little concerned the truck and trailer with the TW and 4 wheelers would make it to the cabin. We had never been in the area before and wanted to make sure!!!!



Access to this site is via a 15 mile 4-wheel drive road. This is a very rustic cabin. Metal cots are provided for sleeping. You must bring our own water, cooking utensils and sleeping bags, firewood. A wood stove is on site for cooking. No plumbing or electricity. Outhouse provided. Several motorized and non-motorized trails are located within walking distance of the cabin. 4 wheel drive strongly recommended, (trailers not recommended). Expect large rocks and a narrow one way road.

So off we went to scout the road and area a few day's before the big adventure. Once we turned off onto the forest service road heading to the cabin we thought, "what the heck are they talking about. We don't need 4 wheel drive and nothing so far is preventing us from taking a trailer...FOR THE FIRST HALF OF THE 15 MILES!!! Then we ran into rough road like this.

And this (hard to see, but it's a BEAR)!

On our return from the cabin

we mulled over our options. We found an alternate route which would avoid some of the roughest parts of the road (or so we thought at the time).

After getting home we decided: Pack the truck with everything, pull the trailer with only the TW and 4 wheelers, drop the trailer about half-way up, unload the TW and 4 whlrs, and drive the p/u, TW, and 4 wheelers the rest of the way to the cabin, all of which to avoid the tight corners and damaging the trailer (father-in-laws). You know the deal, you wreck it, you buy it...and he will never loan us anything again.

So the big day to go arrived. Off we went...and disregarded all of our pre-planning plans!

We made it...but...and this ain't the truck tires!!!

More to come tomorrow, stay tuned!
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