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Building a new rack

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Well im going to be adding to the rack i have on my bike. I picked up this unknown black one and chopped 5 inches or so off of it. I tacked welded it together and set it on the bike and started the long thinking process.

Sitting on the bike the rack is 31 inches wide. Bars are 35. I know lizrdbrth has a wide rack..but what do you think is too wide?

I don't plan on carrying a gas can. I have a 4 gallon tank and a 32oz fuel bottle that ill carry with me. This is gona be a strictly off road trail bike. I figured on some of the longer rides i can move my t-bag over to one side and strap a smaller cooler on with some sammiches. For most rides ill probably just center the bag and tie it down.

The other rack is bolted under neath the seat exactly like the cycle rack. I have a finger width gap between the black rubber base and my white rack on the bck of the bike. For extra support should i put a L bracket there and bolt it to the rubber black piece? Ill probably just weld the black rack on top of the other one the way it sits..that should be strong enough.

Ideas? What am i missing..what else should i add?

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Grind the powder coat or paint off before you weld and take a welding class.
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