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Buying a TW200 HELP!

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Hi there, great little forum, I have been having a good read..

There's not too many TW's in New Zealand, so I don't know too much about em, and have never worked on one.

This one is local, and seem to be a great price, bidding starts at around (exchange rates) US$1600..

I am going for a look and a ride tonight, any things I should be looking out for in particular?

If I can go and make an offer tonight, I can get it for cheaper, rather than go to auction..

so it's all a bit rush rush!

Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Deus-style custom. Road legal, warranted til March, rego expires October 2012.

A lot of time has been spent on this bike - looks very cool and sounds amazing.

Sad to see it go, but have too many children, and not enough time to ride it.

Personalised plate NOT included, sorry.

Low seat height and giant rear tyre make it very easy for offroad riding, especially in sand. Will comfortably do 100 kph on the motorway.

This custom has been built from two TW200 ag bikes and is fully VIN'd and certified. New speedo reads 1,247km but actual is around 26,000km.

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If you have to go off the highway that exhaust has to go

Hopefully he still has the stock UP exhaust
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