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Buying a TW200 HELP!

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Hi there, great little forum, I have been having a good read..

There's not too many TW's in New Zealand, so I don't know too much about em, and have never worked on one.

This one is local, and seem to be a great price, bidding starts at around (exchange rates) US$1600..

I am going for a look and a ride tonight, any things I should be looking out for in particular?

If I can go and make an offer tonight, I can get it for cheaper, rather than go to auction..

so it's all a bit rush rush!

Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Deus-style custom. Road legal, warranted til March, rego expires October 2012.

A lot of time has been spent on this bike - looks very cool and sounds amazing.

Sad to see it go, but have too many children, and not enough time to ride it.

Personalised plate NOT included, sorry.

Low seat height and giant rear tyre make it very easy for offroad riding, especially in sand. Will comfortably do 100 kph on the motorway.

This custom has been built from two TW200 ag bikes and is fully VIN'd and certified. New speedo reads 1,247km but actual is around 26,000km.

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If it runs as good as it looks, seems like a fair price.
Oh boy. As the Sprocket Turns: The Never Ending Thread.

Short version. You will be fine around town.

Longer version. You may notice that the speedometer is red-lined at 55 mph, at least my 2001 is. A popular mod is to change the stock drive sprocket from a 14 to a 15 tooth sprocket or the rear from the stock 50 tooth to a 45 or 47. Since your prospect is already heavily modified, ride it, count your teeth, then flavor to your taste.

But I'm a new guy around here. Others with far more experience will jump in. Look at it this way. It's not like getting into a bad marriage. You can always sell her if you can't live with her. For $1600, what's the downside?
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That red line in the U.S.A. market speedometer is due to a miserable failure that was the "National 55 MPH Speed Limit" laws that we finally got rid of. It has nothing to do with the engines "red line". It's a speedometer, not a tachometer.

Okay, but the National Maximum Speed Law was from 1973 to 1995. The 85 mph speedometer with 55 high-lighted was imposed in 1979 and repealed in 1989. Are new 2012 TWs still made with an 85 mph speedometer? Hard to believe that Yamaha has not bothered to change the face of the speedometer 23 years later.

If there was a tach, wouldn't the red line correspond with about 55 mph in fifth with stock sprockets? Maybe in the interests of safety and fuel economy we will once again have a 55 mph national speed limit. Then our TWs could keep up with traffic !
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