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Buzzard Lagoon Rd. (10-18-'12)

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Buzzard Lagoon Rd. in the hills behind Aptos. It is one of the last non - paved public roads in the area though it has been smoothed and covered with gravel. I imagine when the rainy season starts in earnest the 4X4's will tear it up .

I explored an area off to the side where cars are abandoned and trash is dumped.

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CA must have some tuff laws regarding dumped vehicles etc. I wonder if you reported this to the county or state authority's I bet these vehicles could be traced back to an owner that possibly could be made to clean them up?

On another note, were you using a GOPRO video camera and was it helmet mounted?

Really great video,


I was there about a year ago and there were different abandoned cars so someone comes in and cleans it out once in a while. I really don't want to get involved in admitting I was there as I am not sure the legality of riding in that area. Obviously it is well used and has been that way for years and years but if all of a sudden they want to make an example of someone I don't want that someone to be me.

My camera is Liquid Image goggle camera. I bought it from They come up for auction every couple of weeks and cost about $90 so if interested keep checking Woot.. It records in H.264 (???) which uses the Apple video player (Quick Time) on my PC. I then edit with MS Movie Maker and save it all to You Tube. The original videos are very good -- sharp and clear pictures -- but by the time they are on You Tube they get a little blurry. Maybe I should get an Apple Computer.


Thanks for your compliment.
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hey tony,

drop me a pm if you head that way again, i'd be up for a ride. i'm looking for the best way to circumnavigate umunhum this would be a piece of it i think.

joe, OK. I usually ride during the week and leave the weekends for everyone else.

Buzzards is supposedly closed from Oct 15 to April 15 but from the looks of everything no one pays attention to the sign. This last time I was there there were two really big Ford 4X4's and they didn't look worried at all. There is a road off of Buzzards near the top. It is closed about a mile or so in but up to the gate it is a little bit challenging with rocks and rough ground. Most all other roads up there are paved or if dirt are short and very well maintained.

There are some old train tunnels up that way too if you have any interest in that kind of stuff. Mostly on private property now and you can only see them from a distance.

Any interest in Hollister some Tues, Wed, or Thurs?
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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