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Buzzard Lagoon Rd. (10-18-'12)

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Buzzard Lagoon Rd. in the hills behind Aptos. It is one of the last non - paved public roads in the area though it has been smoothed and covered with gravel. I imagine when the rainy season starts in earnest the 4X4's will tear it up .

I explored an area off to the side where cars are abandoned and trash is dumped.

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hey tony,

drop me a pm if you head that way again, i'd be up for a ride. i'm looking for the best way to circumnavigate umunhum this would be a piece of it i think.

hi tony,

unfortunately i still have that work thing to deal with. i haven't been to hollister for some 20 years, but remember it as good riding.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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